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Interns from IIT and the University of Michigan have done a great job of converting some of the T/MC ideas from concept maps and power points to flash animation.  In November 2010 I posted a few projects that I wanted interns work on in 2011.


This Leadership Pyramid is described in this PDF. It illustrates the process of community organizing, and shows the important role of T/MC in collecting information that others can use. Creating a video or flash that helps people understand this idea would be valuable. Jongseop Won worked on this and created this interpretation.


This issue hub is describe in this blog essay, with another graphic showing the Boston Innovation hub. I'd like to create a widget that people could put on their own web sites, with links in each slice of the pie to a web page where information could be aggregated, similar to what T/MC does on its sites.


In Hee Cho worked on a re-interpretation of a Service Learning Loop project. The new version is here.


This graphic was converted to this flash presentation.  This first grade to career concept map illustrates the idea differently.  At each grade level, we need to show a pie chart reflecting the assets and influences that might provide more support for a youth to move to the next level more prepared than if those were not available. 


These three projects that that the 2011 interns worked on are important. We will post new projects for future interns to work on.


However, there is also a role that a marketing or event planning intern might develop.  Instead of one intern working on these projects, I'd like to create an on-going award program, that encourages students from all over the world to innovate their own ways to communicate these ideas.  The projects announced today could be worked on by teams until March 2011, then put on a web site for display, and for public voting. The voting could go until May, and the winners could be announced at the May Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference.  At that event, we also would announce new projects for students to work on, which would be finished in time for the Nov. conference.


We could repeat this cycle each year with new ideas being worked on, or with older ideas being looked at again, with a fresh set of students.


We need someone to help us develop this idea and find sponsors so we have the manpower and dollars to execute it.

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Here's another project that could be worked on. This was started in 2006, but not completed.  This graphic shows the new interpretation done by In Hee Cho.
Take a look at this discussion and you can see how our 2011 interns are interpreting the leadership pyramid with a new flash animation.
Jongseop is working on the graphic for the 'issue hub'.  Since this is a prototype, we don't have information for each slice of the pie.  We're looking at what the Boston Indicators Project has been doing and it is really very good. They have added a mapping capacity in the past year or two.  Thus, the attached ppt describes a message that might be shown when the pie slice opens.
This is the ppt that you can use for the last page of the Leadership Pyramid project.

This graphic is from the interpretation of the Leadership Pyramid concept. The work was done in Jan/Feb 2011 by Jongseop Won from IIT and Korea.

Now that the February 2011 projects created by In Hee Cho and Jongseop Won are on our web sites, there are two more goals from this project.


1) tell your friends, family, college professors, etc. to look at these, post them on blogs, and share them with others. Our goal is that professors from universities in Asia, Europe and the US will enlist their own students in creating new interpretations of these ideas so that more people apply the ideas in strategies that help kids in big cities all over the world.


2) encourage friends on Facebook, Twitter and other media to forward these to executives at auto, electronics and appliance companies who sell merchandise in the United States. These companies can put their logos on the project our Korean interns are creating and provide dollars to support the Tutor/Mentor Connection. In doing so they give recognition to the work of Korean university students and show American customers how they are helping youth in the US. 


Sponsors can send donations to Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, 800 W. Huron, Chicago, Il. 60642. Tax ID 36-3893431 or make donations via PayPal at this link.


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