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For last few days, I've struggled with flash works for new T/MC Strategy Map. Finally I realized that it's more complicated than I thought. Lots of things I have to think before beginning a project. Probably, it might take long time to finish this project but definitely I love to doing this. As I said, infographics is one of my favorites. Click the attached flash file and let's see how the work is going on. Thanks for any comments.

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I like what you are doing. If you click through all of the concept maps, you'll see that there is a lot of information, but that it's all related to what people need to do to make programs available, and to help those programs have greater long-term impact, on kids, volunteers and communities.

My hope is that your project, the concept maps, and the links library can be co-owned by people from different parts of the world, who share the work of keeping the information updated, mapping the library, and helping others understand it and use it. This could be a project you and others stay involved with for many years, and in many ways.
Thanks for your comments. It needs other programming skills to make this project co-owned. I am not sure of whether I can make it, but I will try.
When I say co-owned I mean that many people from different places might contribute ideas to the web site, help keep the data updated, and work to help others find and use the information. This might lead to some people sharing passwords and working on similar projects, but that would be a result of how we share this information and who all we can get to read it.


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