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Connect knowledge, volunteers, youth and make a difference.


- Home page features "mentoring or tutoring" with headline words and/or pictures
There is a picture on the upper right corner that you could maybe recognize that this website is about tutoring. But it is hard to catch at the first glance that this homepage serves mentoring or tutoring to economically disadvantaged people. You have to read the article about the missions or the history of this organization posted below “About Us” tab.

- Volunteer involvement opportunity is clear
There is a “Volunteer” tab on the upper side that is easy to catch and access. It explains briefly what the volunteers will do and how to be one.

- Contact information is clear so volunteer or donor can contact program
A phone number and an email address are provided for the volunteer to contact.
An address and a phone number are provided for the donor. You could also donate immediate by credit card.
All staffs email, address of the organization, map direction and direction by public transportation are described on the “Contact” tab.

- Case made for why tutoring/mentoring is important
There isn’t any article or a link emphasizing why tutoring/mentoring is important.

- Site shows benefit of volunteer involvement in tutoring/mentoring on the volunteer
They only show that you could change someone’s life by involving a volunteer. They don’t really show any specific benefit.

- Site provides links to research related to tutoring, mentoring, poverty, education, etc.
There is a “Link” tab that you could access. But there is no contents built in that tab. It just showed a comment that it will be built soon.

- Site links to other tutor/mentor programs in the same city
No, they don’t have any links to other tutor/mentor programs in the same city.

- Other Comments
The layout of this website is simple, so it is straight forward to navigate around the website. However the website only provides general information and doesn’t have an article that is posted resently. There are even tabs where the contents are not built. For these reasons the site gives confusion to the users whether the organization is currently active or not. This may be a factor for the donors or volunteers to hesitate to contact.

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