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Hello everyone.
I'm honored to say that the strategy map project finally has finished. You might know how the process goes if you saw updates I posted. It took me long time to make a plan, do research, and execute the plan. But I feel great during the project. I learn a lot from the project. I hope this project will be helping more and more people get involved in programs of T/MC & Cabrini Connections.

Here's instruction.
What I done is to make strategy map looks attractive and let people to understand easily what T/MC do. So I decided to use Flash and rearrange information to make them looks clear. I was thinking how the map will be shown. There's lots of things related to the map. I should concern about typefaces, size of nodes, nodes arrangement, animation, interactive scenes, colors and etc. I created few pages using Flash, and following are the pages.

1) Main Page

This page will be shown when you open the strategy map. It contains very high level information and gives general information. Two of nodes are linked to pages I made and Others are connected to external links. If the node has external link, it alerts with pop-up message when you move mouse cursor over it.

Each node has information connected with near nodes. You will see pop-up messages when you move mouse over nodes. And blink connected lines will show up. It may help you understand how the nodes are connected.

2) Four-part Strategy

It is highlighted by vivid red color. Beside the fact that every information is important, I thought that 4-part strategy has an important role especially. That's why I use red color. It shows 4 strategies and two other nodes. You will see some external links when you click the node.

3) Strategic Investment by Business

This is another page I made. I tried to rearrange the nodes from original complicated arrangement. You will find another same level link on the left-top.

- It still has resolution problem. It won't work right on low resolution display. But when you open it using HTML & fixed size window, it might look good. There are several solutions. It depends where the map is attached and used. Hope Vjeko figure it out.


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Alan and others. You can now view this strategy map on the Tutor/Mentor Institute home page. It's on the topic bar at the top of the page, on the far right side.

Can you guys find a URL address for that link so that I can link to it from other places, including here?



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