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The goal of one of projects is creating a template for newsletters that will be distributed online. As a part of the project, I did make a prototype using Adobe InDesign. Here's current newsletter web page: http://www.tutormentorconnection.org/AboutTMC/CurrentNewsletter/tab... . What I did is redesigning and converting the web page to a pdf file. I tried to make newsletter more easily readable and looks good. Also, it takes advantage of character of pdf, which means that it can be distributed easily and have not-broken fonts, grid, and alignment.

I made some logos for this newsletter. I know T/MC already has its own logo, but this one is for fun. If there is any chances to improve logo(any logo), I would love to take it. I like to make logos.

Click the attached pdf file.

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This looks good. What application did you use to format the newsletter before you converted it to a pdf? In some of the email distribution systems I cannot include attachments. I can link to the pdf version.

As to the logo, the one we use has meaning, in that it shows three figures representing a youth, volunteer and organization. I want to keep that. Can you build it in as part of the graphic you've created, such as putting it to the left, or right?

Thanks for this work.


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