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Okay. It's great opportunity to work with Cabrini Connections and I am glad to join you. As Dan requested, I've just built my own blog. I'll write about experiences with Cabrini Connections on my blog from now on. Here's my blog. http://olufex.wordpress.com

I've designed some newsletters. Originally editorial designing is not under my major but I have experiences. I worked as chief newsletter designer with department of engineering in my home university. Let me show you my works. Followings are snapshots for some of newspaper projects I did last year. Click the links to look details.

Handbook for Engineering Department Freshmen
: Introduction of each division, professors, facilities and etc.

Engineering Times
: Monthly newspaper for Engineering Department. This contains news, events, schedules and etc.
Volume 1: http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/9294/filedownyx0.jpg
Volume 2: http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/448/filedown3zr9.jpg

Flow Map
: It's kind of information design. It shows how many people and cargoes go in and out thru Incheon Int'l Airport. I did lots of information designing works and specialized in this field.

: Do you know Twitter? Me2day is pretty much same as Twitter. It's called as micro-blog. This work is about emotions. It classifies text by emotions and shows by colored dots. Simply, you can call it as Classifier by Emotions. You may see broken character because it's Korean.
http://nyxx.sshel.com/mye.html (Click the broken-link image on center)

IBM Korea Internship Newsletter
: This project was collaborated with IBM Korea. The newsletter contains information about IBM Korea and internship opportunities. It spread out to job searching sites.
Check attached pdf file.

I'm still thinking what will be my project but I've redesigned newsletter by Adobe InDesign. But there are also lots of possible works I can do, I think. I'll try to find projects that I put my abilities as I can. For now, redesigning newsletter looks good for me.

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Thanks for sharing these examples of your work. Dan


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