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Today’s my last day for the internship. I can’t believe 6 weeks could go this fast! As they say time really flies. I guess it was because I was having a really good time here. The people here, in Cabrini Connection was really nice to us during the internship. I really appreciate their kindnesses.

During the internship, I learned a severe amount of things, and even things that I wasn’t really expected to learn. Here are some things that I’ve learned from here.

The first is web marketing. I learned this from one of the wonderful experience I had while working here. One day, there were some web consultants that were consulting Dan about how to increase the visitors of the site and how to communicate with them more effectively. This was a subject that I was in interest from before, so I listened what they were saying. Then, one of the consultant mentioned about a seminar about web marketing, so I asked him if there were an empty space that I could fit in. The consultant kindly made a space for me to the seminar. The seminar was about setting specific goals what your web site intends to do, and the method to how to meet the goals. They mentioned google analytics for analyzing your web site status, and utilizing it for changing the web site in a more efficient way.

The second thing was the opportunity to improve skills for my major(Computer Science and Multimedia). While working here, I’ve drew a map of Chicago and the poverty area of Chicago by Adobe Illustrator. I’ve also made an Interaction Map with Adobe flash using Action Script 3.0 in an object orient basis. Both these projects robust my skills in using designing tools and programming.

The third was improving my English writing skills. Dan encouraged us to do a lot of writings of the TMC and the progress of the projects and other kind of stuffs on the ning page. As I’m not a native student and have only been here for 6 month, I sometimes have difficulties expressing thoughts in my head. So it took some time to write things down. But I had a lot of opportunity writing in English, which I think reinforced my writing skills.

I really really had a good time working here, and am going to miss working here. I will be going back to Korea in a few days, but I will take some time visiting here and post some writings in Korea unless the Internet disappears!

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Thank you Rack for the time you spent with us and the talent you applied to helping us communicate the T/MC message. Just by sharing what you've learned via this site you show other future interns reasons for them to also want to work with us. This expands the range of resources we have and the ways we can connect volunteers and kids.

Good luck in your studies and I hope that you will visit often.

Dan Bassill
Tutor/Mentor Connection


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