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As there is only maps in raster images on the websites, I have drawed the chicago map and

the poverty areas in a vector format by illustrator.

It is much easier to modify and use it in other applications like flash.

Also further intern students could modify the map on their own taste and apply it on their own application.

I have planned to put other information in the map, but it took too much time and i'm planning to

draw it later on, after almost finishing the interaction map.

There are three files attached here.

First is the raster image of the map in jpg format.

The second file is the original illustrator file in CS3 version

The third file is the illustrator file in version 10.

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Thanks Rack. You've done a lot of good work. Are all of the files attached that someone else would need if they wanted to use these to create a presentation using these maps?

As the file attached are the original files, they could use it, modify it, and do what ever they want with it if they have the adobe illustrator program. They could change the colors of the map, add contents to the map, port it to photoshop and edit it there, make it to a pdf file, or add it to their projects where they needed a map.
A project for a future intern might be to use your map to create an animated presentation to illustrate some of the thinking that Mike writes about in his blog articles.


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