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When we tried to make flash file about the conference and year-end Dinner party, we had no idea to how to handle flash. We began to search through the interent and download the lessons. It was kind of hard to handle at the first sight. But we found fun doing it. The second flash we had made about the year-end dinner was much better to make than the first flash about the conference. I think It because we are now used to it :) Designing the pictures, Inserting text, made me creative.The design showed the way I liked it will be. And It was kind of fun to fill picture with the people that we had talked through the party. The year-end dinner party was wonderful. In the year-end dinner party, we met students, volunteers, parents, tutors. They all had a warm heart and feel positive about the cabrini programs. Also, I got empressed they start to cry when one of the student start to cry while doing her performance. It feel they are all in one heart . I hope we made a flash file that includes these emotions.

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You did a great job and learned a new skill in the process. We're very lucky that you have spent this month with Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection.

I posted the dinner presentation at http://cabriniblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/year-end-dinner-celebrates....

Once you return to Korea I hope you and your cousins here in Chicago will continue to contribute ideas and enthusiasm to the Tutor/Mentor Connection and this forum.


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