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This is our first project we make flash movie. The first time we plan was very simple, but the scale of this flash was getting bigger. Because Dan game many ideas to us, we figured out this, and the we included some idea to this. I think it is best idea included balloon in the boy's scene in the third page. That means tell about what the purpose of this orgarnization is. I thought kids have to get a dream of their future, and grown up person have to give a motivation to them. This way leads us to wonderful world.
Anyway we had to choose the music of this flash, we wanted to make moving video. We wanted to give a hope and a dream to the people. While we was making this video, we could recognize the people need help or the people give help. I think the most beatiful things in the world is kid's smile. We should help them, they need to be good person. And they return profits to society after being good man. This cycle is getting more active, the world will change.
We know this video is so small and not professional. We just hope people get a hope and a dream after watching the video. We want to say to kids ""Boys, be ambitious!".

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Thanks for posting this. What were some of the challenges you overcame? Had you ever created a flash presentation before? Did you have fund making this?
This program was so awkward on the first time I used. The more efforts I made, I could understand how to handle this program. While I was making this, I could think good idea that I wanted to include on the flash. For instance, there are balloons, special effects something like that.This flash is a first work I made. It was so great than I expected. Finally I used a free software, I did not need fund on that. I wonder it is enough answer to you.
I posted a link to the video in my blog today. You have done a great job in creating this and figuring out how to get it on YouTube.



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