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Young Men's Educational Network (YMEN) "http://ymenchicago.com/ymen.mission.data_/ymenmission.html" looks like a tutoring program. with headlines and pictures.Volunteer involvement opportunity is clear also the Contact information is clear so volunteer or donor can contact program easily. The Site shows role of tutoring/mentoring in workforce development and shows the benefit of volunteer involvement in tutoring/mentoring on the volunteer.The only thing that this site need was the links. They need to provide links that are related to this program.

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I encourage you all to scroll back to past discussions in this forum where you can see how interns reviewed web links on the T/MC site during the summer of 2008. This was not intended to rate programs, as much as to rate how effective the web sites were in communicating to potential volunteers and donors.

You can read more than a dozen reviews.


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