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I think this organization is pretty good. But the headline words is so complicate. People may not find out the keyword easily. The key button is so small, I think it is better way that makes buttom more large. This website has a good informaton that people can find address, phone number, somthing like that.Case made for why tutoring/mentoring is important. The weak point of website is character size is so small, so I think people is willing to be bored and hard to catch the user sight.

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This is what I had in mind for this. However, you will need to look closer at the sites. In this case, the web site is hosted by the Chicago Area Project and is intended to provide information about several different organizations, including Agape.

From your reviewe of this site you would see that a) Agape does not have its own web site; b) the information on CAP does not include pictures, or sections that emphasize tutoring/mentoring as a primary service. In addition, there are no live "contact us" links, so a volunteer could not click the email address and connect directly to the program.

When you write reviews, I encourage you to include the web site link. For instance, people can find the information you were looking at by going to http://chicagoareaproject.org/aff_agape.htm#agape_help


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