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Ning offers lots of flexibility for how you use the space. I have two suggestions.

a) create a list on the page of blogs for each organization who is a member. You can see an example at http://firesidelearning.ning.com

b) go to http://www.tutormentorconnection.org/ and add yourself and your organization to the Guest Map on my main web site. This will help you and others see where you are located in relation to each other.

c) create individual profiles, and add pictures, RSS feeds and other things that show what you're doing in Africa. When you post messages or link to friends, you'll draw attention to your profile, and to this information.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot for all your efforts. I am glad to have the opportunity to know a true mentor. From Nigeria and Kaduna State, we hope to put in our best on behalf of youth from rural and less priveleged communities.

There are 15 members in the Africa group, and more than that from Africa who have joined the T/MC ning. Yet, so far few are sharing information about themselves, or responding to ideas of how they can draw attention to the group and each other.

Do you write a blog about the work you do? Do others? Write stories about the people you are meeting in this forum, and those stories can help draw attention to all of you. "Each one reach one" can lead to "each one reach many".
Thanks. I encourage you to post maps and graphics in the photo section so you can illustrate your ideas. I do this in the main section and a variety of other places.
Abdiel has posted pdfs that introduce his organization and show how he is adopting the Tutor/Mentor Connection's strategy. I encourage others who do work in Africa to make a similar effort to outline the goals of your organization.

As more of you do that, your collective efforts will increase the number of people who join this group, and the number who become volunteers and donors to support your individual, and collective, efforts to help youth in Africa.
Are any of you writing blog articles about your work? Do you write about the work being done by others who you meet in this forum? Post links to your blogs if you have one.

Dozens of youth organization from Africa have introduced themselves onthis Linked_in Group. If someone could build a database and a mapping tool, these groups could all be connected to each other.  This forum or similar forums could be encouraging networking and idea sharing as well as collective action intended to draw more attention and needed resources to every group and every country in Africa that is working with youth. 

I'd like to be part of this if someone can write a grant that might be funded by an international foundation interested in Africa, Asia and/or South America.


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