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Ms. Garima and I are working on making the village chart more intuitive by adding animation which would filter and give information to user's as and when they ask for it, rather than presenting the entire chart all at once.


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Thanks for forming this group. I encourage you to log in on the SI blog page and invite people to follow your work by being part of this group, too.

The project you're working on is really important. It shows how people from many different backgrounds and locations can connect with each other to learn and share ideas of what they are doing to help kids to careers. It also shows how people from one group can converge with people from other groups to share ideas and how all of this leads to a better distribution of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Tokoyo, Calcutta, and other cities of the world.

In each of these programs they will have a more diverse base of volunteers and donors because people in each of the groups you map will be looking for ways to connect with them. This will reverse the "one non profit seeking help from many resources" process, to one where many resource providers are searching to distribute their help through many non profits doing similar work in different places.

Through visualization of these ideas we can help more people understand and adopt them at a faster rate and thus we bring help to more kids.


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