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Ms. Garima Garg and myself have prepared a visualization of the map on this link . Our visualization of this concept shows a series of animated objects through which the user moves based on his selection, and hence can comprehend the information piecemeal, rather than being overwhelmed with the entire map at once.

The things that can be added to our visualization are:

1. This visualization can me mapped to further levels in the map, creating an animated version of each of the maps following the first one.

2. Due to the shortage of time we were not able to make a voice over for our visualization, this could be another extension of our work.

3. Some technical difficulties on the last day, prevented us from putting all the links to the pages on the ovals, this can be completed by putting in a little effort.

Our work can be viewed here.

More about the ASB experience can be read soon at this link and over here.

The source of this visualization is attached below.

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Garima and Malhar, thank you for your work. I wrote about your project on my blog today. I'll write about Taeho's early next week. If you get time, can you describe the steps someone might go through to add a voice track to this? If you can recruit a team at U Michigan to do this that would be great. However, just posting the instructions here might help someone else see how to do this.

I'll look forward to staying in contact with both of you. Good luck in your studies.

I posted the strategy map in the top menu bar at the Tutor/Mentor Institute and wrote about it in my blog. I also posted this in my Facebook notes and others are forwarding it on through their comments.
Hi Dan,

It was a pleasure for both of us to work at Cabrini Connections. We have learned a lot during this one week, we will soon be posting the steps to add voice over our work.



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