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Katie and Anne,

Let's divide the conversation into three parts. In the area where you've posted your first work, let's keep talking about ways to display SNA info, and challenges you  might be having. Let's also try to recruit others, since it looks like Jonathan won't be able to stay involved.

In this discussion let's talk about how SNA can be used for the conference in May. I'd like to be able to create a presentation/workshop, showing what the potential for SNA is, and how it helps us show the growth of the network being supported by the conferences and the T/MC.  Valdis had some suggestions on this, which I encourage him to repeat here.

Then, in a third disucssion, let's talk about how we might map the networks for our teens. I'll copy some of what you wrote into that one, as a starting point, then offer my thoughts. 

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Katie wrote the following note in another discussion, and I've posted it here so we can create a discussion focused specifically on the conference which is May 27 and 28:


As April is arriving, I think we may want to start considering what we want to accomplish for the Conference in May. The questions that Anne developed seem like they should work to get the information we need from the organizations. I realize that Anne looked at analyzing them into a 0-4 scale, but I think because there is a relative complexity to the level of relationships, we may want to use a slightly broader scale, InFlow allows us to go to 9, but I was thinking maybe like a 0-6 scale. This accommodates for the different rates of interaction to be shown visually as well.

Anne, I like that the questions are simply check boxes, I think that will make for a more effective and standardized set of data to work with.

Dan, do you have a list of conference attendees that we can reach out to. Because the numbers are going to be larger and it would be nice to have some time to play with the data in InFlow, I think we should get started on this.
I will create an excel sheet for the past four conferences and put that in the folder you are using for SNA. As we think of the conference, I'd like to be able to do a presentation, that gives a sample of what we want to do with SNA, and motivates people to want to fill out any surveys we provide, or help us in future work.

Valdis showed the graphic below in his presentation to us in February. He said, without a "picture" he could not have gain the buy-in from the association he was approaching for funding, or a contract.

Thus, if you can create a map from the data base I give you, the scale might be

1 conference
2 conferences
3 or more conferences attended

4 Chicago area
5 Midwest
6 Beyond Midwest

7 tutor/mentor program
8 looking to start program
9 other

This survey might give you some suggestions of what categories to map.
The maps made from this survey could be created from the data we already have about who attended past conferences, what city they were from, and weather or not they were part of an existing tutor/mentor program.

Then, you could do a survey that people fill out at this and future conferences, asking questions that related to "who they met at the conference", "who they met at the conference, and then follow up with after the conference", etc. This could be valuable in showing how many people were using the information and the contacts.

That sounds like it will work really well. Mapping each conference might also demonstrate an increase in connectivity from year to year, it will be interesting to see.

This week I wont be able to make it in, but next week I should have time to come in and see what type of data we have/brainstorm further ways to map it. Then we can start making the spread sheets.
The excel spreadsheet showing five conferences is now in the project folder and you and Anne can access it from there.
Sounds great. I will be able to come in on Monday, April 12 to work on some of this. I can get there about 11:30 am or noon and will be available until about 5 pm when I need to leave for class out at Dominican. I will post any progress like last time.

As far as recruiting goes, some Dominican students might have lighter course loads during the summer months and more time available to work on projects like this. I'll continue spreading the word as the semester winds down.

I wont be able to make it in on Monday, but post any progress. I won't be able to get in for at least a week.. I think maybe Tues. the 20th. If there is any way to contribute from home... like working on the excel files, let me know and I would be more than happy to. Feel free to email me directly as well at katie.anders@gmail.com.

Hope it goes well.

I can email the Excel file to both of you if that helps. Dan
That would be great. ~Katie
Katie and Anne,

A team of students from Loyola is rebuilding the registration information for the conference web site. This will create an attendee list archive, as well as a speaker and workshop archive. The flow chart for what they are doing is in the ppt attached. If you can look at it you may be able to think of some elements we'd want to have included in order to collect better information for SNA project work. You can download this ppt and create a revised version with any suggestions, or you can just email any suggestions to me, or post them in this discussion space. Dan


I'm not finding the .ppt file you refer to anywhere on the site. Am I missing something? Maybe I'm behind on my coffee for the day ...

Sorry. I must not have attached it. I'll load it when I'm back in the office on Friday.,


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