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We have a great slate of workshops for the next Tutor/Mentor Conference. Now we need to attract participants so 10-20 people attend each workshop.

I've been trying to coach presenters to use their social media, blogs, email to reach out to people they know, as this graphic suggests.

Here's an idea I'm going to share in an email today.  Create a message (based on your workshop topic) that says:

If you're a xxxx (communicator, etc) at a Chicago area NonProfit, come to my workshop at the June 7 Tutor/Mentor Conference and learn more about xxxx

xxxbuilding a web site, or a newsletter

xxxbuilding a board

xxx doing program evaluation

xxx raising money

Look at the agenda page. Can you frame a 140 character message for each workshop that would appeal to potential participants?  If you're a speaker, share your message here. 

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