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This planning wiki shows how the Tutor/Mentor Connection seeks to integrate Geographic Information Systems maps in its efforts to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs grow in all high poverty areas of the Chicago region.

While we've been building the maps and tutor/mentor program database since 1993, we need to renew our revenues, starting from scratch every year. This is very  unreliable and inconsistent. Unless we can find a major benefactor (or more) who will share the vision for what we do, and the responsibility for providing the money, we cannot really do all we're trying to do with the maps and visualization strategies.

However, if we can find third party investors, we can make our suite of mapping applications available at low, or no cost, to communities around the world.

Help us find these benefactors and we can help us implement a mapping strategy.

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I just figured out how to update the Program Locator home page via Front Page. This has been a problem and the message has been out of date since we ran out of funds for a person on staff with GIS and Front Page/Dreamweaver skills.


Monday I talked with leaders of the Texas OneStar Foundation that has created a sophisticated map directory called the Texas Connector. They were aided by a team from one of their local universities.


The Interactive map on our Program Locator was created by a team in India and a project manager located in Baltimore. We worked via phone and email. This means any university or business team in the world could be our partner. Look at the planning wiki sand see our vision for maps and visualization. Help us develop this capacity and help us sell/lease/share it with all cities in the world.


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