Tutor/Mentor Connection

Connect knowledge, volunteers, youth and make a difference.

Five Northwestern University alumni were on the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection staff between 2007 and 2011 and others have been volunteers and members of the Board of Directors.

During this time I encouraged each to use blogs to share what they do, and to help others find a way to get involved at our Cabrini Connections program, or at other tutor/mentor programs in Chicago, Evanston, or in other cities and states.

While these people have dispersed to different work in Chicago and other cities, their blogs are still available.  

El Da'Sheon Nix - http://cabriniblog.blogspot.com

Nicole White (2007-10) - http://nicolecabrini.blogspot.com/

Chris Warren (2008-09) - http://chrispip.blogspot.com/

Bradley Troast - (2009- present) http://cabrinipip.blogspot.com/

Karina Walker - (July 2010-present) http://tmcpip.blogspot.com/

I did not attend Northwestern, but spent about 5 years as one of those people who hangs out with students, goes to parties, and sports events, and does everything but go to class. My brother attended NU and I'm trying to get him involved here. A few of the Directors and volunteers at CC, T/MC also attended NU. Thus, I think I'm almost an alum, so here's my blog - http://tutormentor.blogspot.com

Our goal is that we connect more and more people from the NU community to the goals and ideas of CC, T/MC, and that this leads to ownership from within the university, that looks something like a University Tutor/Mentor Connection, as described in this PDF.

In the links are some working papers, created more than 10 years ago, intended to help people think through ways to get involved

While most people who were part of tutor/mentor programs I led in the past are no longer volunteers or on staff of these programs, all still have access to the Internet, and all can still be working to build greater participation of students, faculty and alumni from Northwestern and other  Universities, to strengthen the infrastructure and network of youth serving organizations in cities across the country.

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